Dear Shadow

QEpark33, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

Sunset seemed to cling to this forest for an unusually long time – probably aided by reflection on the broad canopy of gold leaves. I was literally able to turn my back and shoot a dark blue sky behind tree silhouettes, then back around to capture a burning sun in a chilly aqua sky like this.

The song for this picture was pitch perfect in my mind when I was staking out this shot. The air was cold and still, when you can hear your own thoughts with absolute clarity. The chorus is particularly beautiful:

Dear shadow alive and well/
How can the body die/
You tell me everything/
Anything true

Image Soundtrack: “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes

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3 Responses to Dear Shadow

  1. Kitten,
    Still a self admitted virgin in the artistic world so you’ll have to excuse the layman chatter. The song completely captured the scene for me, folksy and slightly chilling with a cerebrally calming element. I wasn’t happy with the short 30 second preview so I bought the whole song. You have now been forcibly added to my short list of people who must educate me which now consists of Meg, Kitten and Conor Obers.
    ~ Matt

  2. katiemuffett says:

    Three cheers for buying the song! Fleet Foxes are a wonder in the crap pile of so much modern music.

    I am happy to educate in artistic fields, if you don’t mind me commenting alllll over your blog 🙂 It’s terrific.

    I don’t know if he’s appropriate to compare it to, but Jeremiah comes to mind. Is that right??

  3. Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet… don’t know if I like the pansy implications but I appreciate his disgust with social/religious indifference. Perhaps I could be known as the slightly more manly “J-myster” (too frat boy?). Not known for weeping but known for kicking the behind of the self-righteous, religious community.

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