Domus Dei

southsea14, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

The Royal Garrison Church (or Domus Dei) in Southsea has a long and rich history and, as with Chichester Cathedral, I’ve never allowed myself to take these beautiful pieces of history for granted. Therefore I have waited a long time to get the correct lighting and quiet atmosphere to do justice to this solemn monument.

I only had choral music in mind, and this piece in particular offered itself up. The choir are joined as if you are hearing only an echo, disembodied from the voices themselves – something I am always put in mind of when I see this holy wound opened up to the sky. There is a gentle, drifting melancholy to the music that could be woven throughout the dry land around the structure.

Image Soundtrack: “Magnificat: Suscepit Israel” by J.S. Bach

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