southsea18, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

I agonised for a long time over this shot. Not that it was difficult to take, as I had been shooting the church from near ground-level and just found this perfect little frame as I went to stand up. The agony was over how potentially mawkish it could be. Roses combined with churches are strictly anathema to me (as with roses and ballet slippers). But I found myself countering this with the fact that ruling out a good shot because of snobbishness would be a worse trap. So, overly sentimental or not, I have decided that I like this image.

NB: I realise that I set a lot of what is very English, iconically Austen countryside to Scottish music, but personally I could set all of my photos to Karen Matheson’s voice. Her singing is internationally beautiful.

Image Soundtrack: “Ma Theid Mise Tuilleagh” by Capercaillie

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One Response to Dusk

  1. Meg Wilhoite says:

    This is absolute perfection

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