bishopspalace1, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

There are so many brave little blooms and berries this winter. To look at these cheerful red fruits you would never know that the surrounding air had frozen everyone but myself out of the gardens. I wasn’t complaining – I love pretending the whole place is my own. In a country where I have no roots, I gladly claim these make-believe domains of Chichester Harbour, Birdham Pool and Bishops’ Palace gardens when the fickle natives abandon them. I can relate to these berries, forced by a year’s perverse seasons to keep life going well into the cold.

I had suitable lyrics for this shot in mind, courtesy of Irish group ‘Hal’:

And sunbeams will shine/
They will give you light in the dark/
Let’s get ourselves a head start

So keep trying baby be brave/

Keep going you’ve come all this way/
It’s evident do as you do/
‘Cause you’re just so beautiful

Image Soundtrack: “Keep Love as Your Golden Rule” by Hal

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