Boundless void, nothing at all

QEpark36, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

Rather an ethereal heading to this entry, but perhaps that’s because I’m drawing from Nabokov and Sigur Rós.

I was drawn to framing this particular set of branches due to their high position against the clouds. I love the way they wind and reach out over what is a fairly steep drop.

The Nabokov lines I was thinking of are from ‘Pale Fire’, Canto Three:

What if you are tossed/
Into a boundless void, your bearings lost/
Your spirit stripped and utterly alone/
Your task unfinished, your despair unknown

Once I saw the final image, it reminded me so much of this incredible Sigur Rós video:

Image Soundtrack: ‘Glósóli’ by Sigur Rós

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5 Responses to Boundless void, nothing at all

  1. Meg Wilhoite says:

    I love how the branches seem to have emotion in this pic! Amazing Sigur Ros video—I’d never seen it before!

  2. katiemuffett says:

    I don’t know that the video was every hugely publicised, I only saw it in Youtube next to their Jools Holland performance! It’s ridiculously adorable 🙂

  3. brucehood says:

    Wow Katie, I love this album but I had not seen the video….Fantastic… literally… It just reminds me how foolish those are who want to banish the supernatural in all its forms. Without it we wouldn’t have the magical creativity of the Icelandics!


  4. katiemuffett says:

    I absolutely agree – even the language he speaks on most of ‘Takk’ (and the other albums) is supernatural! I think it’s called Hopelandic, to me it kind of sounds like kitten talk.

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