Luminous graves

QEpark43, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

I have very fresh and original inspiration for this image in the form of a young friend’s essay. Henry Tipping is a budding writer and bohemian troubadour, and he shared a piece with me that had the motive of how long he could write about “a place inhabited by no one before introducing someone”. I asked permission to quote this little extract with my image…

Involuntary motions sweep and leave; grapple and release each tiny particular upon each tree. Luminous graves of an eventual seething darkness, empty the holes which eventually turn and light and make its day, circumference. Open faces of natures made, hunting gorging making fray its forces and dismembered nuances which eventually eat and eat each day.

I’m hoping he will eventually have writing online for me to share, but for now you can at least look at him on my Flickr.

Image Soundtrack: “Sleeping Lessons” by The Shins

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