Dark days

dusk4, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

The air is too bitterly cold for my poor SLR, and almost too bitter for me. First its focus ring seized up after four shots outdoors, then I realised my knees had frozen to the ground as I stood up.

These brief days leave a still mist over everything, and you can’t even fathom spring or warmth. Perhaps that’s why I’ve had Sigur Rós playing constantly.

I was listening to the recent album in the car at Bosham; we were parked at the water’s edge watching the swans, ducks, and seagulls. One of the swans took a liking to hopelandic and wedged itself half under the car’s chassis to take a little warmth and listen in. Well, it seemed like he was listening anyway.

The outside is very beautiful really…except when you can’t feel your feet.

There I found myself/
Endlessly thanking/
Sheltered in a makeshift house/
And we slept/
As the storm died down

Image Soundtrack: ‘Fljótavík’ by Sigur Rós

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2 Responses to Dark days

  1. Meg Wilhoite says:

    so pretty! Now I want a print of this one, too!

  2. ellen says:

    Sigur Rós is oh so perfect for cold winter days. I’m morose because we made the mistake of going to Florida for two weeks and returning to the rain and cold.

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