bosham_sky, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

I’ve finally started listening to Mew after years of recommendations from my sister and a couple of friends. I’ve got ‘And the Glass Handed Kites’ on heavy rotation, and decided to find a suitable image out of my recent shots.

I somehow created a tenuous thread from Mew’s ‘The Zookeeper’s Boy’, to the theme from ‘Never Ending Story’, and then to this shot. I bet everyone who grew up in the 80s still loves the opening theme:

Image Soundtrack: ‘The Zookeeper’s Boy’ by Mew

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One Response to Sky

  1. megwilhoite says:

    The Zookeeper’s Boy and Chinaberry Tree were my faves off of that album!! *Excellent* sonic-linking together of Mew and Never Ending Story, together with the visual-linking together of these and your awesome pic!

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