Flower Bud

flowerbud, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

You know how there are some songs that are one long build-up to one or two beautiful moments? This one by the Hidden Cameras certainly is, and their moment is timed perfectly at the end of a steady refrain of verse. Almost all of Sigur Rós is like this – as well as my favourite Tchaikovsky track, the first part of the Violin Concerto in D Major.

I was going at extremes in shooting on this day. Inside the forest, my approach was to bring the details in close and capture the rare glints of light. Out on the sides of the hill though, I had to combat the afternoon sun in order to gain contrast, while still capturing that ‘heavenly’ effect…which can be seen in the next post.

Image Soundtrack: ‘Boys of Melody’ by the Hidden Cameras

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