Kingley View

kingleyvaleview3, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

Long trudging through rain-sodden forest track and one cranky, cold little Praktica led to this view. Perhaps the camera felt the effects of this visual tonic, because it behaved beautifully while I tried to minimize (but not eliminate) the sun’s glare.

I told you I had another Murray Gold lined up…and it had to feel heavenly. For Dr. Who fans, I’m pretty sure this was the track used at the end of ‘The Planet of the Ood’. A very exhilarating ending as the Ood had just been freed from slavery by the Doctor and Donna.

Again, a very unique sound to an otherwise traditional-sounding choir and orchestral piece which I think is an excellent example of modern ‘classical’ music.

Image Soundtrack: ‘Song of Freedom’ by Murray Gold

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