In the Shadow of Love

bishopspalace2, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

This was taken toward the end of this past November, when there was still a lot of colour clinging on to the trees and bushes. I’m trying to find depth and vary my techniques with this current bleak palette, with the help of David Bailey’s ‘How to Take Better Pictures’ (swiped from my in-laws’). Conclusion: impressive winter shots require significantly more money (film, filters, good B&W developing etc etc).

The swaying melody of the song for this image soundtrack actually reminded me of this shot, rather than the other way round. Like all of Rufus Wainwright’s songs, there is deceptive gravitas woven into the elegant and exquisite composition. There are always a few cheeky/colloquial lyrics thrown in to lift it, which I always think sound more heartbreaking sung through his perfect voice with that slightly frayed edge.

Image Soundtrack:  ‘Natasha’ by Rufus Wainwright

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3 Responses to In the Shadow of Love

  1. Brad Reid says:

    That seems to be really exquisite country you have the pleasure of living in, Katie, and I find that much of what your eye is drawn to — even the idea to shoot pictures on grey, wet days — is just what I might have been attracted to as well. I believe these flowers are called bleeding hearts, aren’t they?

  2. katiemuffett says:

    They are indeed Brad, and you’re absolutely right about the grey days. This country is beautiful, but takes on a whole distinctive, melancholy air when there’s thick cloud cover. I can’t wait for the bluebell woods near Chichester to come out – I’ll have some great examples of this Jane Austen county to show you then!

  3. Brad Reid says:

    I look forward to it!

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