Early arrival

mmm1753-R01-005, originally uploaded by katiemuffett.

Almost too fast for me, but I had caught this Zebra Longwing (Florida’s official butterfly) catching the glimpses of sunshine near a shaded walk in Tallahassee.

I can never see butterflies anymore without being reminded of Nabokov’s The Gift. The main character, Fyodor, flutters through his own imaginary discussions and a droll, urbane society; all the while, seeing his lost father’s ghost just at the corner of his vision. Interestingly, this father was lost during a lepidoptery excursion abroad.

My chosen track for this image seems especially apropos considering the recent volcano eruption in Jónsi Birgisson’s native Iceland. Considering the nation’s geological past, they are well educated in the transience of life.

I wonder if I’m allowed ever to see/
I wonder if I’m allowed ever to be free

Image soundtrack: Tornado by Jónsi

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